Lillie's Handmade Soap

Foot Cream 8 oz

This is the best way to get rid of the dry, cracked, and even bleeding heels.  This powerful cream is based with moisturizing Shea butter. We add three types of peppermint to disinfect, tea tree to deodorize, and ginger to promote circulation (perfect for diabetics). Then we add botanicasl: echinacea, colangelo, olive leaf, aloe vera, acai, Irish moss, wild yam, and licorice to promote healing. You can't get this anywhere else. We make this with a shea base which makes it easier to apply it at night, socks can also be worn.  


About Foot Cream & Soap

our natural foot cream gets rid of the dry cracked heels..apply a little in the morning or at night and put your socks on...3-5 and you WILL see results! 

$20.00 per item.