Lillie's Handmade Soap

Mineral Deodorant

All natural no chemicals, this is a mineral rock... 100% pure natural.  This allows you to sweat all day and not smell.  How it works is, when you sweat the water that comes out of you is clean, no smell, it's the bacteria that grows on the skin that when exposed to water create a smell.  This is a mineral rock or mineral salt.  You wet it and rub it up and down under your arms, it will leave a thin layer of salt under the arm that wont allow bacteria to grow, therefore you can freely sweat all day and not smell.  This will not clog your pores and since it's all natural, there are no chemicals on you or your clothing, no more gunky build-up of chemicals on the shirt and no more staining.  One Deodorant stick will last for at least 2 years, most people get 3 years out of one sitck!  What a great deal for only $7.99

About Natural Remedies

$7.99 per item.